About us

Welcome to We Are Commercial Online.

Who are we?
We are young; founded in 2020, but born in 2021. We Are Commercial.Online is a company which fully focuses on online; TikTok and user-generated content and influencers who can boost your product online from their online environment and increase sales. Since 2020, online has become more important than ever, and the power of reviews, demos and user-generated content has been proven beyond doubt.

We Are Commercial.Online is your content partner. From filming unboxing videos to online purchase moments, product demos and testimonials with real people or influencers. To taking photographs of branded content, flatlays and selfies. We Are Commercial.Online not only offers content creation, but also all features of Social Media Marketing. From social media marketing campaigns, social media advertising on for example TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, up to a complete social media take-over. We are gladly here to make the most of your social media and all the opportunities that the different channels have to offer. We are your online ambassadors in creating honest, tailor-made content for your brand, product or service. Whether it’s for your social media, website, radio or TV commercial, we focus on what really matters, which is creating valuable content with the right people for the right platform. 




What we stand for

We Are Commercial.Online focuses on the well-being of our planet. As a company that works with influencers and ambassadors on a daily basis, it is our job to contribute offline as well. That is why we focus on working with sustainable, eco-friendly and non animal testing companies. We want to create awareness for life both online and offline. 

Our planet is precious and we are proud of that. We reuse our customers' products for every content creation session,until the products are finished. This saves the customer not only shipping costs, but more importantly also reduces our CO2 emissions associated with this. We also use a lot of unique vintage pieces and second-hand items in our styling, always reusing and recycling. 

The corporate identity of We Are Commercial.Online has the look and feel of denim, because upcycling is what makes us super happy! Have you already taken a good look at our permanent background? Dozens of jeans have been processed into a handmade Denim background.

Help us clean the planet

Do you also want to contribute? Our team organizes a clean up day 3x a year. It is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and to meet our ambassadors and other customers! Send us an e-mail to sign up for our next cleanup day!

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