Influencers and brand ambassadors

We have a large database of influencers and brand ambassadors to help you achieve your goals and objectives. By using our expertise, we look at your brand mission and vision to find the right influencers or brand ambassadors to match it and can make a huge difference. We are able to tap into every niche, interest and unique passions of social media due to our large database of influencers. Accordingly,  we will then create a tailored strategy campaign to guarantee the creation of amazing authentic content that really gets your consumers talking on their social media channels. Using influencers in your marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience quickly. Not only does this help you increase your brand awareness, but also helps you with quality leads. We will help you to choose an influencer in your niche in order for your campaign to get the best results, from product promotions to giveaway campaigns. 

We have over 170+ influencers in our database. All ranging in ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. In total we have an impact of over 192.233 followers, a reach of 146.754 and an impression of 819.914. All on different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. 

Real people, real stories

What really makes us unique, is the fact that we are the first agency of its kind to offer real people as influencers. This means, you don’t have to book a real influencer to create user-generated content.

By offering services of creating influencer style content, we are able to connect different types of people with brands. You have the ability to choose the profile that best fits your product, without having to use their social media channels. You tell us the type of person, age and appearance you would like to visualize your perfect customer.

Whether you would like to book for example a woman aged 50+, who loves skincare products or a man who is 35+ and is environmentally conscious of our planet to promote your brand, we will always look for the profiles who best fit your brand desires and wishes. Our specialty lies within the dedication to our customers to always deliver the highest quality of content. That is why we work closely with each person to bring out the authenticity of each story.

Making connections

After identifying your brand goals and objectives, we will connect you with the best suitable influencer, ambassador or real person for your brand. Then together with the person you selected, we will create the content based on your wishes. From video demonstration, testimonials, to selfies or brand shoots, everything perfectly curated for your social media channels or websites. 

Are you inspired by our influencers and real people? Let us be your matchmaker and content creator for your social media channels.


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